Again, Hi!

My name is Alan and I am a graphic designer and a graduate in theology. Strange mix, isn’t it?! But let us be sincere, aren't we all? This here is my tiny spot on the world wide web where I will try to share my latest projects and contributions.


A little backstory

Born in the eighties my childhood revolved around school, italian-dubbed Japanese anime, and a lot more sci-fi and fantasy TV. In 1996 my parents bought me my first computer and I discovered a whole new world. Fast forward ten years and I found myself working at one of the busiest design agencies on the island. There I met some very talented people that taught me a lot about design.

A couple of years later I got a job with an agency that worked primarily in large format printing. However it did not take me long to realise that we could print on almost anything they brought us, and that we did!

I also used to work in the design department of an offset printing press and in the editorial department of a small publishing house.


In a nutshell

Here's who I am in just a few words. I am a member of the Society of Christian Doctrine, better known here in Malta as ‘M.U.S.E.U.M.’ Faith plays an important part in my life – that’s the main reason I studied Theology at the University of Malta. Last year I had the opportunity, through my superiors at the Society, to audit for three weeks at the University of Notre Dame, Indiana, in two Masters classes. That was some really hard work but very much worth it.

As music goes I prefer soundtracks, especially ones from composers Hans Zimmer and John Williams. However I do have my‘rock-days’ – especially when I’m behind deadlines :)

If I had to name a favorite movie it would be one of Robin Williams’ or Clint Eastwood’s, together with ‘The Shawshank Redemption’ and maybe Star Wars. Actually I’m quite a movie fan!

My Favorite book, well I have a lot of favorite books, but one that stands out is ‘Journey to West’ by Wu Cheng En – if you have never heard of it, google-it-up! Other favorite authors would include Stephen King and Daniel H. Wilson. And I do have some spiritual writers that are on my favorites like Fr Timothy Radcliffe OP and Fr James Martin SJ.

Finally I am quite a media enthusiast and, as many of my friends would agree, a mac zealot. That’s me in a nutshell.